Enterprise staffed qualified management and technical personnel which have wide practical experience in the field of substantiation analyses of nuclear and radiation safety for all types of nuclear power plants (NPP) operating in Ukraine.

Staff members have passed trainings and workshops in the IAEA and leading organizations/companies of the USA, Russia, the European Union (in particular, several USA national laboratories; NRC “Kurchatov Institute”; GRS, Germany). Staff members have wide experience in development of the national methodical documentations on applying specific aspects on performing probabilistic and deterministic analyses of the nuclear safety and also in expert review activity in the frame of assessment of the analytical substantiating materials included in safety analyses for the Ukrainian NPPs.

During performing of analytical and engineering services staff members use modern complex computer programs developed for probabilistic and deterministic analyses, such as SAPHIRE, RELAP5, ATHLET, CONTAIN, MELCOR and others.

Company staff members have passed examination for knowledge of laws and legislations on nuclear and radiation safety in nuclear engineering and admitted to perform works according to the branch order.