Atomenergoservice, Ltd. specializes on implementation and development of:

• Research works in the field of analysis and improvement of nuclear and radiation safety of NPP and other nuclear facilities

• Engineering and expert-analytical works in the field of nuclear energy

• Design and operational documentation for NPP, storage of spent nuclear fuel and other nuclear facilities

The company's products meet quality standards and requirements of national regulatory documents. Quality of services is provided by means of work on a systematic basis in accordance with internal company documents, designed in such a way as to prevent occurrence of nonconformities in products at all stages of work. To improve quality of services company conducts: monitoring of processes, audits, analysis of activities and products.

Atomenergoservice, Ltd. has successfully passed assessment procedure of producers and service providers of SE NNEGC "Energoatom" and it has been formally approved as a supplier.

During its lifetime, company has obtained a significant practical experience in the field of nuclear power engineering and has executed considerable amount of projects in the following areas:

Safety Analysis for NPP

Development of the Calculation Models for Technological Systems and Elements of NPP

Development and Support for Operational Documentation