Atomenergoservice, Ltd. was founded in Kyiv in 2000. Company specializes in performing of research works in the field of analysis and improvement of nuclear and radiation safety of nuclear power plants (NPP) with VVER reactor facilities.

The main directions of activity are the following:

• Development and enhancement of nuclear technologies

• Engineering and consulting services in the branch of nuclear power engineering

• Implementation of research scientific activities in the field of nuclear and radiation safety analyses for Ukrainian NPPs

During its lifetime, company has obtained a significant practical experience in the field of nuclear power engineering and has executed considerable amount of projects.

Atomenergoservice, Ltd. is staffed by the qualified management and technical staff members with wide practical experience in the field of substantiation analyses of nuclear and radiation safety for all types of NPPs operating in Ukraine. At the moment, company has successfully completed a number of major national and international projects, for which implementation were formed teams up to 100 engineering workers.

The company's products meet quality standards and requirements of national regulatory documents. To achieve this aim our company has developed and implemented a quality management system. Quality of services is provided by means of work on a systematic basis in accordance with internal company documents, designed in such a way as to prevent occurrence of nonconformities in products at all stages of work. Implementation and effectiveness of the quality management system is determined by analyzing and monitoring of processes and products and also by internal and external audits.